Skilled Professionals for the Print Industry

Connecting Employers with the Top Ten Percent
The right employees are critical to your success. But finding quality people isn’t easy. Are you tired of finding the best of the unemployed and unhappy? Would your organization benefit from a successful, ambitious candidate who contributes to your bottom line? Are you looking for someone who falls into the top 10%?

Consider Redbucket Recruiting your human resources partner. We’ll act as an extension of your company to find the best talent in the industry, the candidates who are happy and succeeding where they are but are open to a strategic career move.
Although we’ve sourced employees for all types of businesses, our specialty is the print industry. We’ve developed a broad network of contacts to identify and recruit top performers involved in:
* Wide format printing
* Offset printing
* Paper and forestry
* Plastics, wood, vinyl and metal printing
* Displays and signage
* Electronic components
* Manufacturing
* Industrial
* Capitol Equipment
* Distribution

With any candidate we place, you receive a four-month guarantee, making our recruiting services risk-free for you. Contact Redbucket Recruiting today to learn how we can help you hire game-changing talent in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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