About Redbucket

About Redbucket

At the heart of most successful companies are exceptional people.

Finding those talented, highly motivated individuals who can make a meaningful contribution to our client organizations is our mission.

Hello.  My name is Doreen Hyde, and I started Redbucket Recruiting 5 years ago.

I started Redbucket because I saw many small to mid-sized companies struggling to find good employees.  Establishing an in-house human resource department wasn’t practical for them.  Nor could they afford the rates of large recruiting firms.

When they resorted to posting ads on job boards, they were inundated with resumes but lacked the time to properly evaluate the applicants.  Additionally, those resumes came only from prospects actively job hunting, a limited hiring pool.

Redbucket Recruiting fills the hiring gap for up-and-coming companies. Not only do we handle all the legwork to promote job openings and attract qualified candidates, we also take a proactive approach.

Redbucket Recruiting is based in Atlanta, Georgia but we work with clients throughout the United States.  We specialize in recruiting for the print industry.

For over 20 years I worked in sales and managerial roles with employers that include Neschen Americas, Sprint-Nextel and The ISP Channel.

In my various positions I interacted with people involved in printing, manufacturing, distribution, engineering, capitol equipment. I place sales professionals, project managers, estimators, and mid to upper management.

Now, as a recruiter, I call on my personal contacts formed over the years to help our industry clients identify, evaluate and recruit qualified candidates. In a world where technology advances by the minute, relationships still matter. Our service not only saves our clients many man-hours but also helps them to hire quality people in a timely manner.

Additionally, we take a more comprehensive approach to recruiting than most executive search firms.  Our job doesn’t end once we place a candidate with an employer.  We follow up at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals to be sure both parties are pleased with their decision. And we offer a four-month guarantee on all placements.

Good employees are critical to a company’s success.  We leverage our recruiting expertise to improve our client’s bottom line while propelling a candidate’s career forward.  The result is a winning solution for everyone.

Doreen Hyde
Redbucket Recruiting